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Whether you missed a service and would like to catch up; were there and want to listen again; or have never been to Springfield Park Baptist Church and want to find out what goes on in our church on a Sunday morning, you can listen to one of our recent and some older services here, as well as the latest recording that is available on our home page.

This page contains audio recordings of a selection of our services. It will be regularly updated.

Click the links below to download mp3 files to listen to off line, the links will open in a new tab and take you to the 'Box' website. Click the Download button on that page to get the file, or use the built-in player to listen online.

The Coronavirus Lock-down services are also here, on this site to watch again.

11th October 2020, John 15:1-15, The vine and the branches

4th October 2020, Psalm 92 'For you make me glad by Your deeds'

27th September 2020, Romans 8:18-23. Who are you?

20th September 2020, Lessons from Alison's garden.

13th September 2020, Matthew 11:28-30. Are you overburdened?

6th September 2020, Woolly Reflections, and the parable of the prodigal son.

30th August 2020, 2 Corinthians 4:16-18. Do not lose heart.

23rd August 2020, Psalm 91. Be encouraged.

16th August 2020, Jonah 2:1-7. What are you focussing on?

9th August 2020, Keep on Praying.

2nd August 2020, Deuteronomy 33. Who or what are you leaning on?

26th July 2020, Doing the right thing.

19th July 2020, 1 Peter 5:5-10.

12th July 2020, Youth Service.

5th July 2020, 85th Anniversary Service.

28th June 2020, 2 Corinthians 10, Take captive every thought.

21st June 2020, John 10:1-21, Do you know the shepherd? Do you hear him?

14th June 2020, John 10:1-21, Do you know you are loved by God?

7th June 2020, John 10:1-21, There is only one way to God.

31st May 2020, How have you encountered God?

24th May 2020, John 10:1-21, Can you hear the shepherd calling?

17th May 2020, Psalm 23. Do you know the shepherd?

10th May 2020, Psalm 23. What is God saying to you?

3rd May 2020, Psalm 23 continued.

26th April 2020, Psalm 23, The Lord is my shepherd.

19th April 2020, John 21:1-25, Jesus and the miraculous catch of fish.

12th April 2020 Easter Sunday, John 20 v1-31, The empty tomb.

5th April 2020, Mark 4:35-41, Jesus calms the storm (continued).

29th March 2020, Mark 4:35-41, Jesus calms the storm.

15th March 2020, Genesis 22:1-18, including communion.

8th March 2020, SPLAT service, Transformations.

23rd February 2020, Baptism service.

16th February 2020, Endurance in our battles, with the Aukers.

9th February 2020, Youth Service.

26th January 2020, Holocaust Memorial Day, Mission Aviation Fellowship and Daniel with guest preacher Roger Edwards.

12th January 2020, Jeremiah 6:10-17, Follow the old road.

25th December 2019, Christmas day.

22nd December 2019, Carol service.

22nd December 2019, 4th Sunday in Advent, Nativity service.

15th December 2019, 3rd Sunday in Advent, with Communion.

8th December 2019, Galatians 4:4-7 Advent 2.

1st December 2019, Ephesians 6:18-24 Prayer.

24th November 2019, Ephesians 6:18-24 Prayer.

17th November 2019, Ephesians 6:10-18. With Communion.

10th November 2019, Remembrance Sunday.

3rd November 2019, Ephesians 6:1-9. With guest preacher Rev. Nick Lear, Baptist Regional Minister.

20th October 2019, Ephesians 6:1-4. Family. With Communion.

13th October 2019, Harvest. Creation needs a caretaker.

6th October 2019, Ephesians 5:15-33, marriages.

29th September 2019, Ephesians 5:15-21, a life of service.

15th September 2019, Ephesians 5:18-21 Evidence of a Spirit filled life, with communion.

8th September 2019, Ephesians 5:18 - The spirit filled walk.

25th August 2019, Joshua 10, Cafe Church with the Aukers and Carol Wilson.

18th August 2019, Joshua 5-6, Cafe Church with Fran and Otmar, and the history of Communion.

11th August 2019, Joshua 5 - and the walls came down, Cafe Church with Alison.

4th August 2019, Joshua 3:1-6, Cafe Church with The Mostons.

28th July 2019, Joshua 1:1-9, Cafe Church with Roger.

21st July 2019, Ephesians 5:1-14 with Roger Stark. With Communion.

14th July 2019, Ephesians 5:1-14 with Fran Poelman.

7th July 2019, Church 84th Anniversary with special guest G.P. Kharchandy taking the sermon.

30th June 2019, SPLAT on treasure.

16th June 2019, Ephesians 4:11-32 with Communion.

9th June 2019, Ephesians 4:25-32.

2nd June 2019, Ephesians 4:25-32 here we go again. Resist temptation to do wrong.

19th May 2019, Ephesians 4:25 - 5:2 with Communion.

28th April 2019, Ephesians 4:1-7, 'One for all and all for one'. With guest preacher David Harper.

21st April 2019, Easter Sunday.

7th April 2019, Ephesians 3:14-19, Paul's Prayer.

24th March 2019, Ephesians 3:1-19.

17th March 2019, Ephesians 2:19-22. With Communion.

10th March 2019, Ephesians 2:11-22 - Barriers.

3rd March 2019, SPLAT service - sing with all of God's creation!

24th February 2019, Ephesians 2:10 - We are God's masterpiece!

17th February 2019, Ephesians 2:8-9 Salvation God's way. With Communion.

23rd December 2018, Nativity Service.

26th August 2018, David and Bathsheba, with John Lancaster leading.

22nd July 2018, Psalm 23. With Cij Moston leading.

15th July 2018, David, Samuel anoints. With John Lancaster and Communion.

8th July 2018, SPBC's 83rd anniversary service. With guest preacher Charles deLacy.

10th June 2018, Ephesians 2:1-10, Dead saved to do! With guest preacher Rev Keith Roddy.

27th May 2018, The Trinity, with guest preacher Arthur Rowe.

13th May 2018, Acts 1:12-26 Witness with us.

6th May 2018, Acts 1:1-11 Ascension, with guest preacher Arthur Rowe.

29th April 2018, John 21:15-25 with guest preacher David Harper.

22nd April 2018, John 21:1-14 The catch of fish.

15th April 2018, John 20:19-31, Thomas has doubts. With guest preacher Melvyn Sach and Communion.

8th April 2018, Luke 24 The Emmaus road.

1st April 2018, Easter Sunday all age service. John 20 v1-31, Resurrection.

18th March 2018, our youth lead the service.

11th March 2018, Mothers Day.

4th March 2018, SPLAT service.

25th February 2018, John 10:22-39, many believed.

18th February 2018, John 9:1-41, the man born blind. With Communion.

11th February 2018, John 10:1-21, the shepherd.

25th December 2017, the Christmas Day Service.

18th December 2017, the Sunday Evening Carol Service.

18th December 2017, the Nativity Service.

26th November 2017, the reading is from Hosea 13:1-6.

5th November 2017, the reading is from Hosea 5:8 - 10:15.

22nd October 2017, Hosea 3:1-5 with guest preacher Melvyn Sach.

24th September 2017, SPLAT service featuring the story of Ahab and Naboth.

17th September 2017, joint service with our visitors from Middelkerke, Belgium.

10th September 2017, 1 Kings 19:19-21 Elijah and Elisha. The commissioning of Alison Hovell as our new Youth and Community Worker, with Communion.

13th August 2017, 1 Kings 17:7-24. Taking Risks.

6th August 2017, 1 Kings 17:1-7, the first summer memory verse and some ravens.

23rd July 2017, Galatians 5. With guest preacher Arthur Rowe.

2nd July 2017, SPLAT - on the theme of perseverance.

18th June 2017, Galatians 1:1-10 - The Early Church. With Communion.

4th June 2017, Acts 2:1-21 - Pentecost, with visiting preacher Melvyn Sach.

21st May 2017, Acts 1:1-11 - The Church in action. With communion.

23rd April 2017, Luke 24 - On the road to Emmaus. With communion.

Easter Sunday, 16th April 2017, 1 Corinthians 15:1-11.

Mothering Sunday, 26th March 2017, Matthew 18:1-14.

26th February 2017, Matthew 13:44-52.

12th February 2017, Matthew 11:25-30.

15th January 2017, Matthew 3, The voice of John the Baptist. With Communion.

1st January 2017, Luke 2:21-40.

Christmas Day, Sunday 25th December 2016.

18th December 2016, SPBC's Sunday evening carol service.

4th December 2016, 2nd Sunday in Advent, reading Luke 1:26-38 'Mary's story'.

20th November 2016, Youth Service, led by our young people.

23rd October 2016, Hebrews 6:9-20 with guest preacher Arthur Rowe.

16th October 2016, Harvest service.

9th October 2016, Hebrews 5:11 - 6:8 Growing Good?

11th September 2016, Hebrews 2:5 - 3:6 Jesus our pioneer, liberator and apostle, with Roger Stark.

21st August 2016, Exodus 15:1-11 with John Lancaster.

31st July 2016, Exodus 1:11 - 2:25 with Arthur Rowe.

17th July 2016, with Roger and Jo Stark, Genesis 22 with Communion.

3rd July 2016, SPLAT.

5th June 2016, Genesis 11:27 - 12:9 New Beginnings.

22nd May 2016, Philippians 4:1-9 Stressed out or what?

8th May 2016, Philippians 3:1-9 Real Christianity.

1st May 2016, Philippians 2:12-30 Transformation complete!

24th April 2016, the Baptismal service of Rosie Hovell.

10th April 2016, Philippians 1:12-26.

13th March 2016, Luke 18:35-43.

28th February 2016, theme 'perseverance'.

14th February 2016.

31st January 2016, Luke 6 Good Grain and the Pharisees.

All Age Sunday Worship, 27th December 2015.

Carols by Candlelight, Sunday afternoon, 20th December 2015.

22nd November 2015.

Remembrance Sunday, 8th November 2015.

25th October 2015.

16th August 2015.

2nd August 2015.

5th July 2015.

7th June 2015.

24th May 2015.

10th May 2015.

15th March 2015.

3rd August 2014 SMILE service.

30th March 2014.

16th March 2014.

2nd March 2014, SPLAT service.

2nd February 2014.

8th December 2013.

24th November 2013.

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The Springfield Stitchers meet at “The Coffee Hub” every Thursday 9.30 till 12.00 at Springfield Park Baptist Church. Contact Alison for more information.

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