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Sunday Service 12th July

Here is the sixteenth virtual service in our Lockdown series, and today it is all from the youth of Springfield Park. Make sure to scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page so you don't miss anything. If you didn't see last weeks special 85th anniversary service and would like to catch up, you can see it here. Links to all the services are also on the Listen Again page.

Don't forget, you should also take a look at last week's service again to see what comments have been left and to respond to them where appropriate.

If you would like to contribute an item for next week's service or for another week contact Roger or leave a message in the comments below. It looks like we will be continuing with our virtual services for a while, and it will be good to get as many involved as possible.


Introduction to this morning's service


Life Skills

A lesson


The story of Eddie the eagle

Would you pass the test?

Do it again

A song from Elevation Worship.


Sunflower and Pingu

We thought you'd like to see two bantam chicks, Sunflower and Pingu, who hatched less than a week ago.  They delighted us so much because we were given fertilised eggs for two of our bantams who were unable to lay eggs of their own and yet had displayed broodiness for several weeks.  Broodiness is an intense urge to hatch young and can lead a bird to refuse to eat or drink, preferring to retreat to the nest box until it's death.  We could not assist in any way, save to supply food, water and fresh bedding to the two hens.  An agonising wait of 19 to 21 days ensued, after which the eggs would be abandoned as not viable.  To watch the mothers display protectiveness, love and constant attention was a delight and such a picture of the verse, (and there are many others), "He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge".  Psalm 91:4 - The Father's love is constant through times of trials and difficulties and it is no coincidence that Father God is likened to a hen.

Quiz Conclusion

The story of Abraham and Isaac

Click or tap the two images to make them fill the screen, and use the back button or swipe back to this page when you have finished reading.

Abraham & Isaac 1
Abraham & Isaac 2

A Final Prayer

Dear Lord,
We pray that we will absorb and practice the kind of faith which was shown by Abraham in this passage.  We know Lord that Abraham focussed his faith and trust in your horizon, whilst leaving his love for his son to one side.  I pray that we too will focus our eyes on you, instead of letting doubt or our own judgement circulate in our minds and prevent us from growing in faith.

It tells us in the bible, in 1 Corinthians 2:5 “so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power.”  Lord, let us be reminded that those who trust in you will be blessed, just as when Abraham put his faith in you and was blessed with many descendants.

In the story of Abraham and Isaac, the Bible tells us that the ram was caught in a thicket.  A thicket is a shrub which can entangle and confuse what ever becomes caught in it.  Thickets were also places where wild animals might lurk to catch their prey.  In this way the thicket in the story could symbolise the way that Satan can confuse and tempt us to question you.  It is possible that this was the case for Abraham however he ignored Satan and trusted in You to provide.  Lord let us be like Abraham and ignore the manipulative words the devil may say as well as discerning when it is you who is speaking to us.

Lord in your name we pray,

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